Sunday, 20 November 2016

Database Validation Rules: Some Simple Examples for Beginners

Database validation rules are difficult and a lot of the information about them on the internet assumes you are already an expert. Here are six to start with - along with validation text to go with them. From here, you will be able to look in to more complex validation rules and perhaps even make up a few of your own!

This might be a useful video if you are doing the Database Development course on the BTEC Level 2 or even L3 Diploma or Extended Certificate.  However, be aware that these are just a starting point - use the logical operators you have previously encountered to work out many more validation rules.  In other words if you want a certain rule then there is probably a way to express it in SQL.  Don't forget that Microsoft Access users will also want to see a validation text - because if they are not told what they are doing wrong then how on earth are they meant to correct it?

Sunday, 20 March 2016

What is a URL?

Do you know what URL stands for? Well, this video will take you through the acronym that makes up something which a lot of us use every day.  The words are fascinating enough but once that is done, this video shows what each part of the address is used for and what they are called.

This video is very useful if you are just starting learning IT at Level 1 or 2.  It was made for the BTEC Extended Certificate in Information Creative Technology for students studying an exam called The Online World (which is Unit 1 in the qualification).  Although this is only one of the learning aims in the unit, the YouTube channel Teaching and Learning Resources for Me has a stack of other video for this examination. Take a look below!

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