Monday, 20 February 2012

Microsoft develops, manufactures, licences and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. Microsoft is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United states.

Microsoft first rose to dominate the home computer operating system market with MS-DOS in the mid 1980s, followed by a Microsoft windows chain of operating systems. Microsoft also dominated the office suite with Microsoft office. Some of the most known Microsoft office applications are Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access.

In recent years the company has gone into the video game industry with the Xbox and its successor, the Xbox 360 as well as entering consumer electronics and digital services market with MSN, Zune and presenting the Windows Phone OS.

The rise of the Microsoft Company has made an estimated three billionaires and 12,000 millionaires out of Microsoft employees.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft word is a word processor. It is a component of the Microsoft office software system.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. It features calculation, graphing tools, Pivot tables and a macro programming language called visual basic for applications. Excel also forms part of Microsoft office.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program. PowerPoint consists if a number of individual pages or “slides”. These presentations are usually presented live on a computer.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft access is a database Engine with a graphical user interface and software- development tools. Using Access users can create tables, queries, forms and reports, and connect then together with macros.

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