Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What is an IRC channel? and How does IRC Work?

For those Folks thinking to use the Internet in a nother funny way than usual i suggest to join IRC channel.
An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a channel which allows user to talk, transfer data and share file online through the Internet channels. That work as windows Live Messenger (MSN). If you need to use an IRC channel, you have to download software such mIRC, installed it on your computer and then create your username. After that, you will ask to file your profile or go straight way to join one the channel. If you want to join a channel you must type: /join#channelname that will allow you to chat with this channel user.
Everyone who wants to chat via IRC channel must learn "IRC commands" for make it easy and faster.
IRC connect million of server with other  server around the world wich give you a great chat plaform within million people online. for more details follow this video or write to baroudegunner@hotmail.fr.

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