Sunday, 8 January 2012

Web 2.0(Second generation of the worldwide web)

Web 2.0 
It aims to facilitate sharing between users while 
web 1.0 
only allow relation with the web page.
The idea was "originated" at "O" reilly media web 2.0 conference in 2004.
It is not an update to It is an update to way people share ideas, How to relate, How to view.
Key Principles
* Web as a platform 
This allow people to share ideas, To learn, For Business. Rather People just viewing the website.
* Data as a driving Force
Data is the most important thing that web 2.0 brings to the table, data of people sharing.
* Network affect created by an architecture of participation
* Innovation by open source development
* Light weight business models enabled by content and service syndication.

Web 2.0
The end of the software - adoption cycle ("Perpetua beta")
Software above the level of a single device ("Long tail")
Ease of adoption; This makes adoption easier.
These are the concept that defines web 2.0

Wed 2.0
It also include many up-and-coming technologies such as wikis,weblogs,("blogs") and podcasting.

Web 2.0 Tools.

Web 2.0 Le web en tant que plateforme (2)

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