Thursday, 26 January 2012


Dears’ folks in this post we are going to learn how to create an Apple app for webpage, most of you guys use iphone as smart-phone so why not build your own app?
 Make sure you proceed as I say to make easier your apps. You need to download a developer toolset for creating Mac under Windows 7(because I do not have imac), I choose Mobione. Now you have to install it on your computer and open the file it should look like this picture.

Well done! That was your first step.
For the second step you will need to design the Layout of your app. Check the screen on your right and then design the following properties as you like. I choose STRIPED as Background instead of black or transparent.
Name your app, choose your application icon and your Start up picture don’t mind if you don’t have a company just create your own logo and then add it.
Great I’ll design an app as a gift for one food branch manage by a pretty French girl.
·         I start by put in the button
·         Custom my app
·         Use all decorations need
·         List items
your work will look like this almost complete app

               Fore example if i select Drink that  will look as the following picture on my IPHONE . 
               It easy to release for all en queries or question you can contact me:

               Alright you ready to make your own app, so enjoy yourself’.

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