Monday, 9 January 2012

Fault Line

Fault Line is a game where you have to connect the two platforms with your two hands plus you got detachable arms, sweet. As many games your goal is to reach the exit.

To move your character you use WASD. The character is robot who got two arms which are detachable and can connect two platforms together. The game got many levels some of them are very hard to go through but some of them are easy. It makes some skillful manoeuvring and some quick thinking to make it through each level. You can experiment in every level to find yourself in the next one. The robot moving is easy but occasionally the folding mechanism can be a bit difficult with the mouse. Sometimes is hard to make a “lock on” on the target you wish your detachable hands will go.

Fault Line brings you every level a challenge so don’t detach your arms think and you will get fine.

I like the game because it’s very enjoyable to play and you can play a lot of levels. My interest about the game is that you can detach the arms from the robot I like this the most from the game. Another thing that I like is the menu is very simple and the colours are simple. Overall the game is very detachable and I recommend it for playing when you are bored. I rate it 7/10 the game is awesome.
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