Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Document Types

What is a leaflet?

A leaflet also known as a flyer is a written or pictorial message on a single sheet of paper. It has no standard size, shape or format.
With a leaflet you get a chance to present your argument and impress your targeted market into choosing your product or organization over competition.

What is the purpose of a leaflet?

Leaflets are designed with the specific purpose of handing them out to your targeted markets in an attempt to promote your product, service or organisation.
Leaflets can also be distributed by inserting them into newspapers, magazines and by leaving them in popular places for people to see.
The main purpose of a leaflet is to catch the attention of your future customers and to get your message delivered convincingly to them.

You can use leaflets for all different types of information such as recipes, info on health, surveys, activities, travel, study info, jobs, promotion and loads more.

Structure of a Leaflet

Headline- The headline has to be to the point, bold and 100 percent devoted to answering the customers need that your promotion promises to meet.

Introduction paragraphs- The introduction paragraph needs to quickly explain why they should respond to this offer, you could use bullet point list to identify key needs for example my leaflet is about computer classes and free activities, how would the target audience benefit from the computer class.

Subsequent Paragraphs- Once you have identified the need to connect with your target audience it is time to present them with the solution: your promotion.
Here you need to outline the offer and the benefits.

Call to action- “call now” is an essential element to success this includes the phone number, the address, and the website address.

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