Monday, 23 January 2012

Different Types of Computer Systems

 Different Types of computer systems

There are different types of computer systems such as desktops, laptops, notebooks, mainframes and palm top computers. These different types of computer systems fit the capability and suitability of the user preferences. For example the size, portability, storage device compatibility, speed of processor fits the needs and expectations of its computer user. It depends on the type of things a user may need or expect from their computer system in order to assign an appropriate computer system to them.

Laptops commonly have the same type of processor as a desktop including the same type of hard drive, main memory and ram. However it is much more expensive to get a laptop with the same specification as a desktop. The advantages between a laptop and desktop are that a laptop is portable as it can be carried around and operates off a rechargeable battery and commonly they all have wireless internet software so it’s so easily to connect to a WI-FI connect and surf the web. They also have a touchpad mouse which makes things a lot easier for user preferences and hardly any input devices are needed unlike a desktop. This has to run from a main power source and is normally kept in the same place and includes many inputs devices for it to operate.

Desktop computers all come with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, which are all mainly input devices. However computers systems such as laptops, net books and notebooks have these types of things integrated in the actual operating system itself where no input devices are needed in order for the system to work. On the other hand desktops have input devices in order to input data. Without these devices no data can be input and the usage of the computer system can be limited without a device such as a keyboard or a mouse to perform basic tasks.

Main frame computers have very powerful computer system which contains backing storage and large amounts of main memory capacity. They are normally used in business companies to ensure back up of any data and information. However they have input devices such a keyboard mouse and monitor but it does not consist of a processor.

Palmtop computers such as (PDAs) Personal Digital Assistants have a touch sensitive screen which allows you to touch the screen of the device with your finger or a stylus and operate the device. These devices are used to input notes, addresses, contacts, calendars’ etc. They normally have a small keyboard device within the touch sensitive screen which allows the user to input data into the PDA. The PDA contains software which, enable them to work with laptops and desktops to transfer and exchange data using a cable or Bluetooth devices.

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