Monday, 23 January 2012

Computer Systems

Computer Systems, well this is a very broad topic, one that could take months of learning to learn the basic in one individual section, but while we're at it, lets go. Computer systems would be things such as the hardware and the software. The difference between hardware and Software would be that, Hardware is the base of the computer. For example it's what you can touch, for example the base unit, desktop, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Software is what you can't touch, such as; Microsoft Office, Explorer, Skype. The difference between the two is also the fact you can't download and install Hardware, whereas you can download and install software.
Also, in a computer system you have the basic components such as the Motherboard, Processor (CPU), and Hard Drive. The Motherboard is the heart of the computer. The RAM, The Controller Hub, The Processor, Sound Card & Network Card all depend on the Mother board.

By Tyler Prosper
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