Monday, 16 January 2012

Adding Hyperlink To Our Post In Blogger

What is Hyperlink? Hyperlink is a pointer to another web page or a File, Hyperlink is always indicated by the colour blue and an underline.

However, a web design can form a hyperlink in a way he/she choose by using Cascade style sheet (CSS Technology)or just by using formatting tags in Html Programming Language.
How to use Hyperlink in your blog post? These are great ways to create to external website that you want to write about or that you want to send your readers to, Links to picture, Links to File, they really drive the world wide experience.
From the blogger dashboard, creating a new post

Title: Using Hyperlink
First and Foremost we can create hyperlink by using raw html code.           
What we are going to do is we  will edit Html.
<a> html tag to create hyperlink.    
<a> Hyperlink </a>, (you can learn about html code, so as to get use to the way of writing code.)
You can add your own hyperlink code in the html, You must let the hyperlink open and close in the hyperlink you want to create.
<a> is used to create hyperlink  and make sure it is bracket open and bracket close  around the word you want to be the Hyperlink, we need to have the href attribute to create the  link target, In this case we use and it will appear like this
<a href=""> Hyperlink </a> so when we change it to compose mode it will come in this form, as example.
If we come to the preview mode, It will come out like this text 
The First hyperlink we will create is by using Raw Html code. When we click on this text Hyperlink it directs us to the website after the href attribute.

2.The second way to add a hyperlink by using the link button in the post editor
Select the word you want to form the Hyperlink then click on the LINK botton, Click the Link botton then the java script application toolbar will come up and instruct you to enter the URL you are directing the post to, and you can copy and paste the URL the site you you want to direct it to. e. the smoking
Copying the URL to the Clipboad
Then the link will be able to take you to the URL, this really will make the web to expand.

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