Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Why spreadsheets need to be converted to alternative file formats

There may be times when a work done in Spreadsheet would need to be showed (eg:  posted on the Internet ), shared or used in a database.

In addition to the standard format (xls format) there are a number of alternative formats that can be used for different purposes.  These include:

·              PDF (Portable Document Format).  A PDF file can only be viewed and not edited.  It is ideal if you want to publish your work on the Internet especially because the user can view it even without having Microsoft Office installed.
·              HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).  Saved in this format the spreadsheet can be included in a web page.  Same as with a PDF format, the file cannot be edited.
·              CSV (Comma Separated Values).  This is a text file with the contents of each cell separated by a comma.  This format can be used to import spreadsheets data into a database application.
·              TXT.  This is a plain text file.
·              XML (EXtensible Markup Language ).  This file format is designed to only carry data and not to display it.  It is very useful if you need to export spreadsheet data to other applications such as a database. 
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