Monday, 5 December 2011

What I think is better. PC or Laptops?

There have been arguments (silly ones at that) back in the day of the laptop where people would argue about which is better like in some childish way with the console wars “XBOX360! Nah PS3”. And it was quite silly because a laptop and a PC were basically meant for two different things.

- A Laptop was meant for a “get-to-go” PC kind of thing. Where you could put your laptop under your arm and carry it to the park or a nice cafe to study, work or just do what you want. But outside mainly.              
 Just that it had serious problems that you just couldn’t be asked with so it was no point carrying it outside. The laptops had a very weak and easy-drainable battery if not plugged in to some power source. It charges out quickly if you’re having a tea break outside and playing a video game or just watching a film. And then back home to charge! It also had the point of attracting some visitors late at night if you’re carrying your laptop back, yikes!
Obviously it is simple to carry, not that heavy and actually good to have in a university or almost necessary to be honest. But while being compared foolishly to a PC/Desktop it would surely lose. With its small stature you cannot fit as many powerful and space-taking parts from a PC to a Laptop. Sure you can upgrade your Laptop but it will cost you. Buy a laptop then buy upgrades? Or buy a Gaming Pc or whatever and sit tight with one buy. The PC will always have that advantage.
Comparing a PS3 towards a PSP is basically the same thing. A PSP is the smaller a much smaller version of a ps3. Less power and graphical content. But easy to take like a wallet in a pocket!              
You cannot simply compare two different meant for things because there won’t be an equal power “clash”.  One thing will be at a disadvantage and will surely lose because it wasn’t meant for it to be compared towards a prior thing that people use and overtake it. Also worth to mention that if you buy a really good laptop or upgrade it that laptop will take over some old PC or normal ones. But also what their good for is their price because if you don’t have enough for a good PC you can buy a good laptop. In my opinion it’s simple. Looking for a strong PC that can play games, play movies and have good space? Buy a Good PC. If you’re looking for something cheaper but also want something that’s not far behind. Buy a good laptop.
It all comes down to what you need. What could be more valuable for work and such.

By:   Julius.D
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