Monday, 5 December 2011

Saint Row: The Third Out now


Saints Row 3 is still in the third person action and driving sequence, now you have worked your way up the rank and you are seen as a celebrity in the series and playing as the leader of the Saints. In the city of Steelport you are able to roam around, playing the main missions as you progress throughout the game, along with side missions. 

I would rate this 5/5 because the mission are challenging, so it give you something to work on.

Over the top

The game is said to be one of the most over the top games of it series, from explosions to kicking anyone in places where you would not think you could do in a game, to absolutely going to the extreme. 

I would rate this 5/5 for the over the top moves and explosions because, it does exactly what the title says and a bit more.

New Features

New features in the game are being able to smash pedestrians to pieces using your fist, dancing in the middle of the street with other pedestrians and posing. You are able to lock on a target more precisely than before because, they have replaced the rubbish pistols which we started with at the beginning of the previous series and the weapons have been improved which looks really good. I think it is about time they made the game a little more interesting. 

I would rate this 5/5 because some of the new features such as, dancing in the street and posing are quite humorous. 

Previous Saint's Row games and Saint’s Row 3

When you successfully complete a mission, you can earn for the character money, weapons, cars, customising your own character and gang respect. The previous Saints Row games used the respect made to play main missions within the game and the Third uses experiences points to spend it on improving the characters such as, their fighting and firearms skills. Introduced into the game is a levelling up system, so every time they level up their characters the player selects their reward. 

Money can be used to either purchase clothing items, weapons and cars, or upgrade their weapons and cars. The money is also used to upgrade the Saints gang, customising their appearance, outfits, and headquarters. In the Third, players can use the Initiation Station system that allows them to upload their characters on The Third’s online community, and are able to download other user’s creations to use with their save-game. There are up to four different appearance styles for their gang, players can choose from. Money is used to purchase shops and other properties in Steelport, this turns into income for the gang.

Overall I would rate this game 8.5/10, because although I love this game, it has some downfalls such as, it takes long to give you a checkpoint, you are unable to pick up the telephone boxes and steal the money as before in Saint’s Row 2.
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