Monday, 5 December 2011

One of The Input Devices That We Use On Different Computer Systems


 There are many different types of webcams that you are able to use.

A webcam is a small video camera that you can use on desktop computers and many different computer systems, the webcam feeds live images to a computer or computer network, this is a device where you can connect the usb into the computer and are able to use the webcam on many different types of Application software that is on the computer itself.

You can use the webcam to have a video call with people, this means that you can talk to someone and see their faces without being in the same house or country.

It is mostly used in by bosses in companies to talk to their employees without having to be in the same room this is also used by many different military forces who use small webcams so the soldiers on the front line can show whoever is in charge what is going on while the soldiers are on the front line while the person in charge is safely at the base. 

You can take live images from your webcam and save them on your computer and upload them onto websites like facebook, twitter, blogger and many more websites over the internet, you can also upload pictures onto windows live messenger ( MSN)

And on some laptops and notebooks they have built in webcams.

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