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Modern Warfare 3 - Updates

The latest news on Modern Warfare 3
As all Call Of Duty fans know Modern warfare 3 was annouced to be release on 8th November 

Modern warfare 3 is an updated version of Modern warfare 2. The graphics look better the game-play is, they actually sound like real life guns. This will be written down in history. The campaign is 'awesome' two powerful people die from Modern Warfare 2 and this ends the war of Modern warfare. they also introduced a co-op survival mode, which can help new Call of Duty players and experienced player can studies the map, is other words unlimited waves of enemy as the wave progress they get harder, competition all around the for the online rank leader board. the multiply however is a different story its a whole new experience for every call of Duty fan. Infinity have introduced weapon proficiency and new perks for the people who don't know what weapon proficiency is, its another way to improve your gun and make it suit how you want it. E.g AK47 has a lot of kick when shooting, but when using a weapon proficiency like kick can reduce the kick for certain gun. Certain gun genre have similar and different proficiency, Sub machine gun have Range this allow you to have a wider range when shooting with an SMG, Light machine guns have speed this allow them to run faster when carrying this certain gun. they also have strike packages 

The reveal was the most exciting trailer made all COD fans were waiting for this moment, this was an great campaign single player    


The demo starts off just like most of the Call of Duty series with the player being slowly brought into battle, they warm you up on the first level and get you ready for the good stuff. Although we all love COD it is much the same with very similar voice commands such as “hit it” for explosives and things of that nature. Running, explosives and more as you make your way out of a battleship. More to come

The trailer offers up no new information about the wave-based defence mode - which features explosive-strapped attack dogs, juggernaut invasions, and the ability to buy perks and upgrades with money earned by killing foes - but allows for the first public glimpse of the mode and some of its maps.

Titled “Redemption”, this trailer shows off more of MW3′s single player storyline, with all of it’s explosions and eye popping visuals. People are already sold on the mulitplayer so why not show the people what makes the single player so strong.

A new behind-the-scenes video for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has revealed a new system which should dramatically shake up the game's tried-and-true multiplayer component: Strike Packages. These break the player base down into three classes: Assault, which earns the standard set of offensive killstreaks; Support, which unlocks less offensive killstreaks (like UAVs and turrets), but doesn't have their streak reset upon death; and Specialist, which earns no killstreaks, but unlocks additional Perks every two consecutive kills.

Infinity Ward and Activision have just released Modern Warfare 3's launch trailer. Call of Duty launch trailers have usually been shown for the first time during the first week of November, but this sudden release comes as no surprise since MW3's biggest competitor, Battlefield 3, is being released early next week.

Modern Warfare 3 Weapons Trailer of the Day: The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 team has released a new trailer showing off the game’s various weapons, and the new ways you customize them.
MW3 introduces a weapon proficiency system that lets you level up your favorite weapons as you use them. Leveling brings perks like reduced kick, reduced sway and extra attachments. The available proficiencies vary by class.
Modes and match customization
Activision released a brand-new Modern Warfare 3 ‘New Modes & Match Customization’ multiplayer trailer today. In the trailer Sledgehammer Games’ Micheal Condrey and Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin give you another insight in to the multiplayer portion of Modern Warfare 3 including a first look at one of the new game modes, Team Defender, which is a variant of Capture the Flag.
The video also explains how private matches have been significantly enhanced to allow players to create new, fully customizable game modes and share those newly created game modes with friends and the community. Plus, there’s a good look at some of Modern Warfare 3′s new maps as the pair describe how they have been made to flow and feel better. Check out the video below.
The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has arrived and it is a live action trailer featuring Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill, and a short cameo by Dwight Howard.
I think this trailer does a great job of depicting a natural transition for every gamer in their Call of Duty career. You typically start off as a noob that’s just being happy to run around careless shooting stuff. Then eventually growing up and playing strategically.

The hardened edition of the modern warfare 3 with a steel case a journal and a one year Call of Duty Elite membership.

video by xjawz

A perfect example of a gameplay by a famous you-tuber a great example of what you can produce in this great game, this can persuade people to buy this game . (40-3).
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