Monday, 26 December 2011


FROM THE YEARS 1990 Microsoft is most important IT Company with almost 90 per cent computer share holding by the company. Using windows and word software as weapons and to sit his hegemony over the computer business.

Since the years 2000 we are witnessing the increase of mobile phone from simple call-maker and text phone to powerful Smart Phone using the Internet. In this last case there is Apple , IPHONE
IPHONE, the most interactive and popular phone in the world put Apple in the top phone company around the world. It change the way people use mobile phone by using touch screen  and also many free software and gaming those make IPHONE easy to use for all  young and old people.

But in the Smart phone and IT rally there is Google. Google is the main web-hosting in the world with Google Chrome, Earth, and Street View in the latest Google Android put this company between the third biggest phone makers in the world.

 So for 2012 android by Google and Windows Phone by Microsoft will have the main share  in the Smart Phone world with Sony-Ericsson, Samsung using android and then HTC, Motorola for Windows Phone that leave IPHONE for Apple only.

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