Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Be Part of a Honda Channel 4 MiniDoc


Have you seen the Honda sponsored documentaries on Channel 4 recently?  To give the ident a new twist there have been minidocumentaries between the ad breaks focusing on the different ways people use their Hondas. Some of them are not quite what you would expect and now, it could be your chance to show what you do. Do you drive your Honda in a way which is a little bit different (or a lot!)?

When you do something day in and day out you become used to it but to the rest of the world it might seem extremely unusual.  Take the example of Philippa, pictured above on her Honda ATV.  What appears to be a slightly eccentric English lady charioteering across the fields is just that - with a twist!  Philippa is actually an alpaca farmer and she uses it to ferry food to her animals.  That may seem a little strange in the middle of the English countryside, so take a look at the video below!

W+K are leading this Honda campaign are looking for the new Philippa - and that could be you! They have set up an online hub so stories can be shared and enjoyed by the whole world.  The stories there might make you scratch your head a little - such as Nigel who uses his Honda Transalp to stay ahead of racing cyclists. He isn't a stalking fan but an escort rider for British cycling. Then there is Adrian who uses his Honda generator to help him find out which of his sheep are pregnant.  Could you do better than that?  If you think you can you should head over to the hub and put your own story across!  No story is too unusual so if you have to take a deep breath before you share, just do it!  Honda would love to hear about how you use yours! It could well be you supporting Channel 4 documentaries with your unusual way of using your Honda.  Why not give it a go?  Before very long you could be on the TV!

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