Friday, 15 April 2011

Xbox kinect

I have chosen Xbox kinect because I think it is totally cool that you can play games without a controller and  the motion sensor is very useful . I think it’s the best gadget for Xbox. It’s such a good idea they have made so much money of Xbox kinect  so its recommended .
The price: £130

•Kinect Sensor: Kinect allows you to get interactive by tracking your arms, legs, feet, and hands in full 3D while responding to commands, directions and even different emotions in your voice.
•With inbuilt face and voice recognition Kinect allows you to greet and speak to characters in game for a completely interactive experience. Video game fun has never been so personalised.
•Simply step in front of the sensor to log into Xbox LIVE and connect with friends and family. Using automatic camera zoom and find and follow technology, it feels like youre all in the same room, even if youre miles apart.
•Full body tracking allows Kinect to capture your movement from head to toe in order to give you a full-body entertainment experience.
•Navigate menus with the wave of a hand. When you see something you like, use a voice command to make your selection, or simply gesture again with your hand.
•Get off the couch, on your feet and in the fun, Kinect is designed to get players moving, laughing, cheering and playing together; all without the need for controllers, keypads or headsets.
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