Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hardware components

Pieces of hardware and how they are used finished work in my graphics class


Printer To print off any work you have done or finish.

Mouse A mouse is use to move around on the screen and drag things and select things when u want.

Scanners A scanner is it allows you to scan work on to the computer like copying it on to the screen it lets you scan work like logo designs and pictures.

Digital camera Digital camera To take pictures such as your logo design for a catalogue

Friday, 15 April 2011

LG Iris Recognition iClass Card

Here is the eye and card recognition from LG.

LG was the first concern to license*, produce and market a commercially viable iris recognition product - the LG Iris Access 2200. This technology incorporating anti-spoofing countermeasures that set the gold standard for the sector, and excellent integration flexibility.and now have produced the LG Iris Recognition iClass is the most advanced seucruity ever made what it does it scans your Id card for 2seconds then you will have to bend down a bit and look stright in to the lendz for another 2seconds and if the irus recognition recognise you it will flash.

Blackberry Tablet PC

I chose the Blackberry because it has more apps you can do a video call you can carry it around. Its in HD and its more likely to be used by bussnisses.

The blackberry tablet has 3 MP high-definition forward-facing camera
5 MP high-definition rear-facing camera
Codec support for superior media playback, creation and
video calling 1080p HD video; H.264, MPEG4, WMV HDMI video output
Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports it also has video calling this is all in one portable devise the blackberry tablet is used with business man it will be more likely for them because they will use it for meetings its it basically Out-of-the-box compatibility with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
Seamless pairing for a secure window into your BlackBerry® Smartphone

Dreamweaver and Photoshop

This video is about creating a website using Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop, this video is very descriptive and straight forward to understand this can be helpful to people that only have a little knowledge of Dreamweaver

Xbox kinect

I have chosen Xbox kinect because I think it is totally cool that you can play games without a controller and  the motion sensor is very useful . I think it’s the best gadget for Xbox. It’s such a good idea they have made so much money of Xbox kinect  so its recommended .
The price: £130

•Kinect Sensor: Kinect allows you to get interactive by tracking your arms, legs, feet, and hands in full 3D while responding to commands, directions and even different emotions in your voice.
•With inbuilt face and voice recognition Kinect allows you to greet and speak to characters in game for a completely interactive experience. Video game fun has never been so personalised.
•Simply step in front of the sensor to log into Xbox LIVE and connect with friends and family. Using automatic camera zoom and find and follow technology, it feels like youre all in the same room, even if youre miles apart.
•Full body tracking allows Kinect to capture your movement from head to toe in order to give you a full-body entertainment experience.
•Navigate menus with the wave of a hand. When you see something you like, use a voice command to make your selection, or simply gesture again with your hand.
•Get off the couch, on your feet and in the fun, Kinect is designed to get players moving, laughing, cheering and playing together; all without the need for controllers, keypads or headsets.

Apple wireless keyboard

I have chosen the Apple wireless keyboard because it’s very slim and it can be taken with you every day use if you have an Iphone you or a phone with bluetooth you can connect it together  makes doing your work easier.

Apple  Wireless Keyboard.
•Features a slim and sleek aluminium enclosure.
•Low-profile keys that provide a crisp, responsive feel and a compact design that leaves plenty of room for a mouse.
•The keyboard has been redesigned for better battery efficiency.
•Function keys enable one-touch access to a variety of Mac features.
•Bluetooth wireless capabilities enable you to move it anywhere within range and type away.
•Compatible with minimum operating system requirements: Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later.
•Batteries required 2 x AA (included).

Nintendo 3DS latest edition

This is a video shows the new Nintendo 3DS. The reason as to why I have chosen this video because it has great quality and I believe that this is the next big thing in gamimg as it is portable and great for gamers who like to bring their games out with them it can be played by all age groups.

The current price is £196.00.

Ipad 2

I have chosen the ipad 2 because its 33% percent slimmer than the original ipad 1 and it’s got a camera and face time with both cameras it’s got the new apple os4 that is also on the iphone 4 they have promised that this ipad will change the way people think about tablet PC.

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi and 3G 32GB - White.
iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster, yet it has the same 10 hour battery life.
With two cameras, you can make FaceTime video calls and record HD movies.
Apple A5 chip with two powerful cores and faster graphics.
•LED backlit display.
•Multi-touch screen.
Product specifications:
General features:
•Up to 10 hours battery life (depending on usage).

A modern peripheral

The reason why I have chose this mouse is because it is wireless and it takes up less room on your work surface.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Possibly the Best Balance Transfer Deal from Barclaycard Ever

One of the sentences most heard about credit cards these days is if only I had a little breathing space.  The interest just seems to pile up month after month making any chance of paying off a credit card completely seem as remote as Mars.  So, how would you feel about having 20 month’s breathing space?

I know it seems unlikely but that is exactly what Barclaycard Platinum is offering at the moment.  When you transfer your balance to this card you will benefit from the longest period of 0% interest on the market.  Yes, you read correctly – that is 0% on balance transfers for 20 months.

20 months is a long time. Plus if you transfer more than one balance you will also benefit from a 25% reduction in the handling fee, something not to be sniffed at – and even if you have only one balance to transfer the rate at its highest it will be 3.2%.

That could, if you do a little maths, help you out a great deal and could mean a substantial amount of money staying in your pocket.  Plus, of course, there is the Barclaycard Freedom rewards scheme which could help make an even greater difference in terms of pounds and pence.

Of course, terms and conditions, as ever apply: if, for example the amount you want to transfer is greater than 90% of the credit amount on your account then you will be asked if you would like to transfer a lower amount.  So, it’s always a good idea to read the small print first, such as Barclaycard’s full right to refuse a balance transfer or indeed to limit the amount that you are able to transfer. 

You can find out more here.

For many people this could still prove to be the balance transfer deal of the century! I have just created a small spreadsheet to calculate the cost of staying with my current credit card or going over to Barclaycard.  Put it this way, the difference is potentially greater than the cost of a two week holiday in the Caribbean.  I think I may well apply for this myself.

Barclaycard Platinum

0% on balance transfers

20 months

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Gran Tourismo prologue 5 vs Need For Speed Shift

I have played Grantourismo for the past 6 months and I think it’s a great car game but I also like Need For Speed Shift because of the tuning and upgrade feature it has in the game. I think that Need For Speed would win if there was to be a competition between the two games because Need For Speed Shift  allows you to upgrade your cars to make them even faster than they were before. Gran tourismo 5 does not have that kind of feature, even though GT 5 does have a game feature that NFS Shift does not have which is the feature that saves your replay.
You can also earn trophies in NFS Shift after you have completed the task needed to get that particular trophy ; GT5 Prologue does not have trophies in the game which makes it lose a point to NFS Shift.

If you wish to give your own views on this post then comment below this post.           

Removing parts from your hard drive

It’s important to know how to open and remove parts from your hard drive.
When removing or handling a hard drive you need to know the basic factors of health and safety and how it should be picked up and placed back down. Below this post is a video of an example of how hard drives can be accessed and kept in good maintenance.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dell Windows phone 7
HTC 7 Mozart (Orange)

I have chosen this phone because it is common in the IT Industry with computer software and is a smart phone and is stylish, and is common
in the IT industry with windows 7.

This phone lets you enjoy a rich listening experience with surround sound,
and it has an 8Mp camera so you can capture all the sights and sound that you need to enjoy using the phone.
 You can also stay in contact with families and friends.

Acer Iconia

This is a review of the Acer Iconia.
This video just goes to show how far technology has come, from the first computers ever built, to more modern technology - nothing compares to this brand new Acer Iconia.
This is the first laptop in the world to have 2 touch screens. The technology is so sophisticated - it can tell how you are touching the screens and reacts in different ways. Touch the screen with 1 hand - all five fingers, and a menu will appear on the bottom screen which will allow the user to change applications. However touch the screen with both hands - all ten fingers and the keyboard will appear.
It is a very expensive laptop - but then again it is a double touch screen laptop, it is £1,499.99

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Keyboard shortcuts?

In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a finite set of one or more keys that invoke a software or operating system operation when triggered by the user. A meaning of term "keyboard shortcut" can vary depending on software manufacturer. For instance, Microsoft differentiates keyboard shortcuts from hotkeys whereby the former consists of a specific key combination used to trigger an action, and the latter represents a designated letter in a menu command or toolbar button that when pressed together with the Alt key, activates such command.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

PS3 - Killzone 3

This year PlayStation has taken the gaming level to another platform with the new release of 3D gaming. The new first 3D shoot them up game KillZone 3 has taken advantage of the new software by making their game 3D compatible giving you a chance to see the game in a different light.

Enhanced graphics give the gamer a sense of realness this is what it’s all about taking down the enemy and completing the mission go head to head with the computer and fight it out with countless enemies. The PS3 platform gives you a nice smooth game play, and with easy controls you should be able to get a hang of the game in no time.  

The 3D game play lets you see the game from a different approach, flying in the sky and scaling tall buildings will never be the same. As long as your television set is 3D compatible. The new graphics are really going to revolutionize the gaming industry forever.
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