Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Windows – Its Own Worst Enemy?


Most views on a website called Techradar are saying that Windows Vista has ruined the performance of Windows XP.

I think they just might be right because I remember my first time using win XP in 2005; it was really fast and easy to use until I got Vista, but what I realised was that Vista is always updating itself almost every day and XP updates itself once in a while which could mean that XP has less problems than Vista.

One other thing I witnessed about Vista is that it even though it had nice themes and backgrounds it was not that different from XP; when it comes to multimedia vista can be better than XP but where XP beats vista is it’s speed of processing data throughout the system unit.       

Here is a video about the above information. If you wish to comment on this then please do so below.  
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