Thursday, 31 March 2011

Two computer machine comparisions

Hello bloggers,
This post is going to be a comparison about 2 different computer systems, showing the specifications of both models.

Samsung RV510 laptop           
Now £529.00 save £150.00
• 500GB hard drive
• 15.6in LCD HD display
• Intel graphics card
• 0.3 Mega Pixel web cam
• 3 x USB ports
• 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
• Windows 7 Home Premium 

Dell Inspiron 570desktop PC with 20in monitor
Now £699.00 save £180.00
• 4GB RAM and 1 Terabyte hard drive
• USB optical mouse and keyboard included
• DVD+RW drive
• 1x1GB graphics card
• Dell 20in monitor
• Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
• Colour: Blue, can be customised.

I would choose the Dell Inspiron 570 because is has a huge 1TB hard drive - enough memory to save thousands of details and other files any one would ever need.
It also runs faster than the Samsung and the Dell is just better quality for money.
Thanks For Reading
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