Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tips on how to create a good advert

An advertisement is a type of brochure document. It  is a form of communication to persuade a large number of people to by a product or a service through various media - web, tv and leaflet.
The advertisment has to send a message, certain emotions to the audience so they can remember your product. It must be unique and simple to understeand to appeal to the maximum amount of people. Pictures or colours are used to help people to identify the product easily and to encourage them to buy it.
The elements included are:
·         The name of the product or service
·         Which benefits the product or service will give to the customers
·         Persuasive writing and images to the target market to encourage purchase of the particular brand

There are three points that advertisers must take in to account for the ad to work properly.  These are:
A compelling headline: You have to stimulate curiosity, so the product or service can catch the interest of the target audience.
Benefits: You have to explain to your audience why your product is the best compared to others
Strong call to action: Once you have captured their interest with a strong headline,  you have to indicate the availability of your product throgh web, phone, store and leaflets.

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