Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Obama Alien Defense

This game is from the miniclip game site. A game site direct from Google.

Alien Defense is a simple adventure game where the aim of the game is to save America and London from the alien invasion. It is an adventure game which is suitable for the majority of ages.

There are various levels in the game itself each level has Obama fighting off more aliens and collecting more coins.

The plan is to kill the aliens to achieve as many points as possible and collect all the coins.

When travelling through each level of the game there are energy packages which once touched by Obama will restore any energy you have lost.

Alien Defense is a game I think can become highly addictive because it is so simple to play and with each level it allows you to save what you have done encase the player was to lose all their energy before reaching a energy boost they would be redirected to their previous saved level. Another plus about this game is that it can be paused by pressing ‘P’ on your keyboard so there is no rush to finish the game or have worry about losing if you are distracted.
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