Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How to make invisible folder for Windows XP!

How to make invisible folder for Windows XP! 
  1. Create a new folder
  2. Click on rename and remove the current name.
  3. Turn on the Num Lock if it’s off
  4. Make sure the rename option is active.
  5. Press alt and don’t leave it
  6. Press 0160 [From Number Pad side with Num Lock on and alt key pressed till the end and leave alt after pressing 0160]
  7. Click anywhere outside and you will see the name disappear
  8. Right click on the folder and select properties and then customize
  9. Click on change ICON and a Box will come
  10. Now scroll to right and you will see some blank spaces between Icons
  11. Click on one of such blank space and it appears selected
  12. Click ok and apply
Your invisible folder is ready!!!
it’s not completely invisible though – the select all option creates a small blue selection around it and also when you press refresh the folder icon is seen.

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