Tuesday, 22 March 2011

How to edit photos using Adobe Photoshop cs5 to do the content aware option?

Adobe Photoshop is there to edit photos and images that you have taken which you would like to edit it or to make it better to your taste but there is a problem which you can also use alone and I mean only Adobe Photoshop CS5. To download the full program you will needs to go the adobe website: http://www.adobe.com/uk/downloads/ and download for there.

When you get the program you will have to install it and let the set up finish and then you can to do the editing of the photo that you like or the photo that you want to edit just by watching this video that show you a part of a tutorial on how to content aware option on Adobe Photoshop CS5. The video show you how to edit your photo when you just want the background on the photo and you can also delete things off the photo too.

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