Monday, 13 June 2011

Advantages of Using I.C.T

Most businesses have now moved from manual methods to the use of ICT for processing data. This has reformed the way people communicate with each other and how businesses are run.

Why is I.C.T useful?

Processing of data is much faster on a computer.

: Calculating a budget on a spreadsheet is instant, doing the calculations by hand would take some time.

Repetitive processing can be better done using computerised machinery.

Example: People get tired, lose concentration and generally fed up if they have to repeat the same task over and over again.  Computers will perform the same task repeatedly with consistent quality and never need a break.

Searching for data is much faster.

Example : Finding a patient's record in a doctor's surgery can be done in seconds on a computerised database system, whereas it would take a receptionist some minutes to locate a folder in a paper filing system.

Data storage capacity is almost limitless in a computer system. 

Example: Large quantities of data can be stored on hard discs or media such as CDs or DVDs instead of needing enormous quantities of paper.
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